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Robert Summers

Charriot Group
Dual Immersion Elementary Teacher
Mtn. Green
I am a certified Elementary Spanish Immersion Teacher who has worked in Granite, Davis, Weber, Ogden, and Morgan School Districts and Dual Immersion Academy Charter School.

I went to College at BYU-Idaho and I learned my Spanish on an LDS Mission in Mexico. My passions are Tennis, Guitar, And Dance! I like to read stories to children using different voices for each character.


Module 1
1.1 Basic use & Smart Ink
□I can plug in my Smartboard and projector
□I can turn on my Smartboard and projector
□I can orient my Smartboard
□I can use the onscreen keyboard
□I can right click on my Smartboard
□I can use Smart Ink to write over the internet

1.2 Software Intro
□I can open Smart Notebook
□I can identify the four main areas:
□Menu Bar, Toolbar, Side Tabs, Dropdown
□I can rotate and resize objects
□I can use Notebook to draw and write
□I can draw words and recognize as text
□I can use Touch Recognition to draw, move, and erase
□I can use object awareness (800)
□I can use alternate tools on my Smartboard
□I can use Gestures
□Erase, group, flick, swipe, (800) rotate, resize

1.3 Basic Toolbar & Display settings, Print and Export
□I can customize my toolbar
□I can navigate, add, and delete pages
□I can undo, redo, paste, and delete objects
□I can save and open Notebook files
□I can go into full screen and dual page display
□I can change zoom from page width to entire page
□I can print notebook files as handouts or full page
□I can export my notebook file as PDF or image files
1.4 Gallery, Linking Internet Browser
□I can use the Gallery to find pictures
□I can use the Gallery to find interactive objects
□I can link objects to web pages
□I can insert an Internet Browser on the page
□I can use the Internet Browser to drag out content
□I can set the Internet Browser page
1.5 Smart Exchange
□I can find lessons in the Smart Exchange
□I can narrow search: by subject, grade, and file type
□I can use Reset Page with lessons
□I can use Clear Ink with lessons
1.6 Support
□I can download Smart Notebook software
□I can get technical support
□I can find resources for training support
□I can find resources for curriculum support

Language Immersion Suggestions:
□Use the Gallery to search for Dice
□Record a voice message in an image
□Change Country on Smart Exchange
□Over 50 languages available
□Spell Check in over 50 languages