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Clay Glad

Granite School District, Granite School District
Network Engineer, Title I
You can download a copy of my presentation for "Windows 8, RT and tablets" here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/8002774/UCET2013%20Win8-RT%20Tablet%20presentation.pptx

Or you may email me at cmglad@graniteschools.org requesting a copy.

I have 15+ years’ experience with Granite School Dist. as a Network Engineer. For several years before that I worked professionally with Educational Technology with Systems Impact producing videodiscs then Discovery Channel for the launch of their website aimed at educators.

I've had experience with computers from the early '80's. I've done things like; penciling in "punch cards" to create BASIC programs, using cassette tapes to load programs, and using software to control Laserdisc players. I’ve spent countless hours recording 3D animation for Laserdisc production, and created multimedia for use on the internet.

I have firsthand experience on the PC from MS DOS to Windows 8, on the Mac from "System 4" to “Mountain Lion”. I've worked with Novell Netware, Linux based servers, and Windows servers.

My biggest hobby from my late teens has been computers, I've maintained/upgraded my own home built computer which started as a 12 Mhz 286 with dual floppy drives to its current incarnation; a water cooled quad core Intel i5 overclocked to 4.8 Ghz, with a SSD caching dual hard drives, with three monitors.

Moblie devices I've lived with over the years, I've had an Apple Newton, Palm Pilot, Handspring Palm OS device, Windows Mobile, iPod touch, iPad, iPhone, and now a Windows 8 Pro tablet.

I *LIVE* for technology, I'm a confirmed techie all the way.

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